About Us

Hello. Our NGO has been present for over 8 years. We make the best for all the Youth & Elderly.

OYE – Organization for Youth & Elderly, is a Mumbai-based NGO, having members spread all across the country. Since its inception on 28th November 2012, OYE’s pioneering efforts have been instrumental in bringing about a positive impact on society. OYE was founded by a young man with a vivid image of a developed India; Siddhant Mohite, who believes in actions and not just high-flying statements.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.










Our mission is to create socially responsible and aware citizens. We focus on identifying the concerns of the society we live in, breaking them down and working towards resolving these issues to build a brighter future. We do so, by involving the masses in social work, be the voice of new India, and try to invoke a feeling of social responsibility among the youth. We strongly believe that change will only happen when you and the society you live in, takes a hands-on part in the process of change and development. OYE wants to create a society where education and awareness are strong footholds upon which lies the pillar of the success of every individual irrespective of any other factor.


Our vision is to turn yesterday’s India into a country with a better future, with active and aware youth who can transform the entire country with their abilities. We want to build an organization of skilled, educated and passion-driven youngsters. We believe in channelising the energy and aptitude of youth into something innovative and fruitful and encourage them to work for the betterment of our country. We visualize a better, stronger and developed India.


After discerning the ongoing atrocities and glimpsing the people in poverty & plight, I was always aware that I had to do everything in my capacity in order to bring a positive change in the lives of people.

When I founded OYE, I was just in my late teens, and like any other teenager, I too had big dreams of creating an impact in society, providing for people who are incapable or deprived, spread joy and bring a smile to the faces of millions, be the voice for the people & of the people. But all this wouldn’t be possible if I was alone in this fight. And that’s why I decided to gather my friends, family, relatives and everyone who had similar visions as mine, to come together as a team, and work for the betterment of society. This is how OYE – Organization for Youth and Elderly was born.

OYE has completed over 8 years of selfless practices. It is possible to achieve success only when you have supportive and inspiring individuals around you. For us, it was Abhay sir who always believed in us. He has been a part of OYE since its inception, advised and guided us with his wisdom and expertise which helped OYE tremendously to reach great heights.

We have grown from a team of few to thousands of passionate and self-driven youths, spread all across the nation. We are very grateful for the support that we get from many individuals that make our work possible. We always welcome the support offered in any way. If you are passionate about working for our society and its people, please feel free to join our team at any time.

Let’s strive for the betterment of society and fellow beings!


I believe that there is no greater power and support you can give someone than to look them in the eye, and with conviction say, “I believe in you”. I’ve always believed that our team at OYE are capable of doing great things in life. I have been with OYE since it was founded back in 2012. The passion in today’s youth and their dedication to bringing a positive change in society is tremendous. It’s a privilege to be a part of an organization with self-driven individuals who don’t just listen to the advice but act over it.

I’m extremely proud to see OYE grow from a tiny clan of impassioned individuals to a team of thousands of change-makers from across India. The creativity and core values of the volunteers of Team OYE is the reason for its accelerating growth. It’s exhilarating to see young minds getting themselves on the ground, showing resilience and the prowess to create a difference.

I wish Team OYE all the very best for all of its future endeavours!


Siddhant Mohite – Founder
Abhay Sir – Chief Advisor
Aditi Bairolu – COO
Ekta Somani
Shripriya Ghadge
Parita Naik
Platini Ruzario
Rahul Tiwari
Akanksha Samel
Tanveesh Singh Chaudhery