Beach Cleaning Drives

Protect the Oceans:

Can we imagine travelling in the ocean marred by plastic debris everywhere while fishes are seen occasionally?

The amount of waste disposal, as well as its accumulation, has increased the pollution by multi-folds. It not only degrades the habitat of millions of marine creatures but also contributes to the rise of the number of plastic microparticles that are ingested by sea life.

OYE – Organization for Youth & Elderly has taken the initiative to prevent further damage to our ecosystems by conducting more than 12 beach cleaning drives till now. It had also taken the responsibility of restoring the cleanliness of beaches after the auspicious festival of Ganesh Chaturthi in the form of a combined effort. These drives span over the Versova Rocks, Juhu beach and 7 bungalows beach.




Event category- Beach Cleaning Drive

Event Organizer – Siddhant Mohite

Contact – 8898202427