Red Light Area Visit

Ray of Hope

Ever crossed a red light area and felt disgusted about this brutal reality of the world?
Well! That’s a NORMAL for a section of the society we live in.

Women in prostitution are often looked down upon, however, the situations that bring them into flesh trade is something we should be looking at.

OYE – Organization for Youth & Elderly in their attempt to know the plight of such victims spent a day at the Red light area of Grant Road.

It was a sight to inspire when such women were seen engaged in numerous social initiatives.

A daycare centre has also been set up for the children of these women to ensure a better future for these vulnerable kids.

Integration of all sectors of society promises a brighter tomorrow and OYE is tirelessly aiming to do so.




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Organizer name – Siddhant Mohite

Phone no- 8898202427