Education is a sword of pride, playing a key role in shaping career and personality and earning dignity in the society. It is that sea in which you can dwell deeper and deeper without any fear of drowning. OYE ORGANIZATION FOR YOUTH AND ELDERLY visions to bring change and remake the perspective of individuals towards the power of education.


Education in ancient and medieval period in India used to be in forms of Gurukuls where children were supposed to live with their Gurus, seeking knowledge and religious Vedas, esteeming their Gurus with worship and applying every aspect of learning in their day to day life as guided by their Gurus but it was not an unbiased system of education, upper castes were allowed only to gain from Gurukuls. 


From Vedic period to the present day, education has evolved in the streams of technical development, economy, societal shifts and went way beyond the religious barriers. It did not stop at pen and notebooks; it has reached to visual impactful learning and smarter classes. It has reached to Schools that provide free education by the government, it has reached far ahead in rural places, it has overcome caste, creed, color, and gender barricades. 


On that basis, Is Indian Education System working with absolute pace of contributing towards India being a Developed Nation? The Answer to this is, NO. There are still many children we have who are made to work by local vendors at an age where they should be in school, there are still many villages lacking access and awareness towards importance of learning, there are many areas restricting girls towards their right to education and making them only eligible for household bearing, there are many competitive examination with seat reservations, Is everybody even getting a fair chance for their Intelligence quotient and their abilities? 


Every year OYE has contributed to educating more than 3000 kids with ‘Ab Padhega India campaign’, collaborated with Municipal schools and rendered the children with stationary, held competitions, educated street children, and partnered with various other schools. 

Education is a human right every citizen of the country deserves. OYE supports Education which is prime and of utmost importance everyone should be privileged with as it is well said, “All achievements have their grounds to EDUCATION”.


Manika Jaiswal

Content Writer Intern, Budding Dentist


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