One of the most prioritizing to the world at these difficult times of Pandemic should be sanitation and hygiene but unfortunately the same lands up to being often neglected. We, ORGANIZATION FOR YOUTH AND ELDERLY, working as a dynamic association of the youth to serve the Mankind, would like to make highlight over the basic hygiene and health for a Women. 


A woman makes it a complete definition for Endurance, facing anxiety, pain, discomfort, mood alterations, shame, and isolation every month when their menses arrives. There remains still many areas lacking access to Sanitary napkins, tampons and cups, adopting cloth materials to absorb the menstrual flow, using clothes could be cost effective and healthy but only if washed properly and sun dried for sterilization. 


Not maintaining cleanliness can lead to bacteria that can invade and cause reproductive tract infection, failure of changing pads frequently can cause moisture retention for a longer period which accounts for growth of various microorganisms, use of unclean materials can contribute to increasing bacterial vaginosis, common symptoms that could be associated are genital itching, abdominal pain, pustules in groin, and abnormal genital discharge, some instances leading to ovarian or cervical cancer, and issues pertaining to pregnancy. 


Some of the measures that could be adopted undoubtedly to allow women protect their health includes, maintaining hygiene of intimate areas, use of portable urination devices to avoid use of public toilets, use of menstrual cup to diminish non-biodegradable waste as produced by sanitary pads, frequent changing of sanitary pads after interval of every 4-6 hours, avoid tight fitting clothing, proper hand washing and use of safe measures during sexual intercourse for proper protection from STDs


OYE stands for making this work together, spreading awareness to all females of our society, making their body important enough to be taken care of, depositing knowledge of the precautions and measures they should adopt pertaining to their own hygiene while caring for their family and children. 

Women are nurturers of this world,

The start of the world without women is probably the end, no new births, and no new lives. Respecting her body and making her realize the importance of her beautiful creation is what OYE stands high for.


Manika Jaiswal

Content Writer Intern, Budding Dentist

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